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Everything you want. Nothing you don’t need

Our mission is to change the face of insurance!

We’re doing just that with some clever policies, built around what customers tell us they need; and not what insurance companies want to sell to you.

In a world where insurance premiums traditionally spiral up, we’ve been sitting down. Sitting down and thinking. Thinking about affordability. Thinking about being more relevant. Thinking about developing unique products that reflect our core values of service and affordability. Really thinking about how the insurance sector could evolve and how things should absolutely change for the benefit of the clients.

When we say we’ve been thinking….actually, we’ve also been doing!

Hence Clever Cover – and it really is!

Our aim is to provide a new generation of insurance products, that strips out all the padding and fluff that you hate having to pay for. Delivering everything you want, with nothing you don’t need.

We believe it’s time for a new direction in insurance. So we’ve been working with the UK’s top insurance providers, in order to bring that vision to life. Looking at their best policies, with a view to making them even better for our customers.

We do this by setting out to find policies that have removed as much of the unnecessary policy padding that people don’t need, but pay for. That way we believe that we can then deliver a core product that delivers exactly what you would want, without any of the stuff you don’t need. Often with a few Clever Cover touches that really make a difference.

Once developed these unique products will be exclusive to Clever Cover; and won’t be available on the high street, or through other brokers.

After all, they’re our ideas and we’ve done all the work!


Everything comes with Worry-Freeness

All of our service comes with added Worry-Freeness. Which means that, at the point you need us to step-in and step-up, we’ll be there for you every single step of the way.

That’s why we ensure that none of our service is ever light on help and heavy on hassle. We’re here to take the worries away from the moment you make that first call for help.

Put simply Worry-Freeness means that you know that we’ve got your back, with 100% of the help you expected where and when you need it.