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Smart Luggage

Real-time payouts if your luggage is DELAYED or LOST with award-winning Smart Luggage Insurance

There aren’t many things that can spoil a holiday faster than loosing your luggage, or having it delayed.

That dreaded wait at the airport as you stare hopefully at the carousel, wondering why your bags hasn’t appeared while everyone else seems to be heading off to enjoy their holidays.

25 Million Lost Bags in 2019 alone

Mistakes and mishaps happen, it’s a fact. With over 25 million items being reported as mishandled by the travel industry in 2019 alone*.

That’s why we’ve launched “Smart Luggage”. It’s the really clever way to get a real-time payment of £50 if your luggage is delayed by just 30 minutes. As well as paying you £500 more, if your luggage is deemed lost after another 48 hours . There are no forms to fill in, or long telephone calls to make. We just pay the money straight into your bank or PayPal account without any lengthy claims procedure.

Here’s the really Clever bit

  • You simply register your flight details 24 hours before you travel
  • If your luggage does not arrive, just get a receipt from the lost luggage desk, take a photo and upload it from your phone
  • You’ll receive a £50 payment after 30 mins
  • Then Smart Luggage gets to work and tries to locate your missing luggage, keeping you up-to-date via text message.
  • If your checked luggage still isn’t at your side within 48 hours, you will receive a further payment of £500 to help you go and buy some essentials

How to activate Smart Luggage

Smart Luggage is included with all Clever Cover Gold Travel policies. It can also be easily added to add to any bronze or silver policy. 

To activate the policy you must wait 24 hours after purchase, then go to www.smartluggage.io/register to register your flight and bank details – which must be done at least 24 hours in advance of your trip. Terms apply.

Why do airlines mislay 25 million bags a year?

Smart Luggage

Insurance Product Information Document

Company: CPP Secure Limited
Product: Smart Luggage Protection
This document provides a summary of key information and benefits relating to this Smart Luggage insurance policy. Complete pre-contractual and contractual information on the product, including a summary of additional benefits, is provided in the full policy documentation.

What is this type of insurance?

This product provides cover for delay or loss to your checked in luggage when you travel by air. Any benefit payable by this product will be made automatically and there is no manual claims process involved.

What is insured?

£50 for Checked Luggage that is delayed and cannot be located on the Carousel within the Waiting Period at the Destination Airport by the Customer Services desk or Luggage Handling desk on arrival at that airport.

£500 for Checked Luggage that is deemed lost and cannot be located by the Customer Services desk or Luggage Handling desk at the Destination Airport after 48 hours from the time it was registered with www.smartluggage.io as delayed or missing.

On a Single Trip policy, the Policyholder and each Covered Person can claim for one item of Checked Luggage on each leg of a Trip ie; both outbound and inbound.

On an annual Multi Trip policy, the Policyholder and each Covered Person on Your Policy can claim for one item of Checked Luggage on each leg of a Trip ie; both outbound and inbound up to a maximum of 3 Trips each, within the Period of Insurance for Your Policy.

What is not insured?

Carry-on or hand luggage of any type.
Any luggage not checked in to the hold of an aircraft.
Any damage to checked luggage.
Loss or delay due to confiscation or damage by any public authority.
Any loss or delay that does not occur between checking luggage in at an airport and collecting it from the luggage carousel at the Destination Airport.
Theft of checked luggage before check-in at the departure airport, from the luggage carousel or from an unattended trolley at the Destination Airport.
Any payment above £550 in total.
Loss of value if checked luggage is a set and not all items of that set are lost.
Loss of or delay to checked luggage caused by your own actions.

Are there any restrictions on cover?

No cover will be given if you have failed to report your delayed luggage to the Destination Airport’s luggage handling service and obtain a SITA PIR receipt.
You must upload the delayed luggage receipt to us within 48 hours of arriving at your destination.

What are my obligations?

  • You must register for the service before you depart to your destination;
  • You must check your luggage into the hold of the aircraft on which you are travelling to your destination;
  • If your luggage is delayed, you must report the delay to the luggage handling service at your destination airport and obtain a formal SITA receipt for the delayed item;
  • You must provide a copy of the receipt to us using your smartphone on the website we provide for you;
  • You must provide bank account or PayPal account details for us in order that we can make any payments to you if your luggage is delayed or lost.

Where am I covered?

You are covered Worldwide for delayed and lost luggage when you check your luggage into the hold of any scheduled or commercially chartered flight, for your period of cover.

When and how do I pay?

You have the option to buy Smart Luggage Cover alongside travel insurance from Clever Cover or as a standalone item. Payment for this policy is made online at the time of purchase.

When does cover start and end?

Your cover will start on the date you have selected and will end either on the day you return from your trip (single-trip cover) or 12 months after the start date (annual multi-trip cover). Cover will also end if the claims limit has been met as outlined in the “What is Insured?” section of this document.

How do I cancel the contract?

You can cancel your cover at any time by telephoning Clever Cover on 0800 066 3793 or in writing to Clever Cover 3 York Street, Chester. CH1 3LR

If you would like to cancel within 14 days from the start date of the policy, then any premium already paid will be returned (providing that no claims have been made on the Policy). If you cancel this policy outside this period there is no entitlement to a refund of premium.