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Available to you through Clever Cover, MortgageSafe from MetLife provides peace of mind in minutes, for LESS THAN £7 per month.


We know that, when the world throws you a curved ball, you just want an affordable way to cover your mortgage repayments without the expense of having to include life cover too.

Available through Clever Cover, MortgageSafe is a unique policy underwritten by MetLife, that ensures mortgage repayments are covered when you are unable to work due to accident or illness for 4 weeks or more, we even cover you if you are unable to work for 4 weeks due to Covid.

It’s simple and straightforward cover, with affordable premiums and a simple and quick application process. There are three levels of cover to choose from, so you know you’re getting everything you need, without paying for anything you don’t want.

It’s straightforward, affordable clever cover.

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You’ll want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re fully covered as fast as possible.
Making sure your application is 100% accurate and that you can be covered from the moment you put the phone down.

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Whether it’s a first-time buy or moving up the property ladder, getting the keys to a new home is one of life’s biggest moments. So it’s important to protect it right from the start.

MetLife understands that whatever the circumstances, mortgages involve a lot of planning, preparation and time. MortageSafe has been designed to take away some of the stress and provides flexible levels of protection, now and for the future ahead.

If you have an accident or are ill and unable to work, MortgageSafe will pay lump sums of money to help with your monthly mortgage payments, so you can go on enjoying your home while you get better.

There are 3 levels of cover to suit every need, budget and lifestyle, Core, Essential12 and Essential24.

With MortgageSafe You Can Rely On:

Fast application with immediate cover available

Quick and simple medical underwriting

Back to day one benefit payments (with a 4 week waiting period)

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