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How it Works

You can take out a MortgageSafe policy at any time. You can cover part or all of your monthly mortgage repayment amount – up to a maximum of £1,500 per month.
Once you’ve agreed the level of cover which is right for you, we will confirm your premium and coverage and complete your application.
If you have an accident or are ill and expect to be unable to work for 4 weeks or more, contact MetLife’s claims team.
MetLife’s expert claims team aim to assess your claim within 5 working days.
Once accepted, MetLife will pay lump sums of money to help cover your mortgage costs during the period you are unable to work. MetLife can also send the payment directly to your mortgage lender – whichever is most convenient for you.

How The Premium is Calculated

There are several factors that affect the premium charge for a MortgageSafe policy.

These are:

  • Age (18 to 59 as at last birthday);
  • Smoker status;
  • Level of cover (Core, Essential12 or Essential24);
  • Amount of cover (£200 to £1,500 per month);
  • Occupation;
  • Term of the policy (up to 40 years and no later than 70th birthday);
  • Body Mass Index (‘BMI’); and
  • Optional Child Cover.

When applying for Essential12 or Essential24 cover, a number of health questions will be asked before determining whether we can offer cover or not.
If we offer cover, we may do so with one or more exclusions to the cover.

How The Application Process Works